Cinderella Monogatari EP 1-4 Translation (My Attempt)

2020-09-27 17:29 UTC
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Hey guys. I'm finished with the four episodes of the show (At least with my attempt at it). Feel free to enjoy the show.

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  • Cinderella Monotagri Torrent Files
    • Cinderella Monotagari EP 1 (My Attempt).mp4 (139.7 MiB)
    • Cinderella Monotagari EP 2 (My Attempt).mp4 (145.7 MiB)
    • Cinderella Monotagari EP 3 (My Attempt).mp4 (143.7 MiB)
    • Cinderella Monotagari EP 4 (My Attempt).mp4 (154.8 MiB)
Thanks for your work!
will it be possible to have separate sub files?
Chronologically it goes right after Nisemonogatari, right?
@ sameer AnimeTosho
its hardsubbed actually, that's why i asked.
wait you used vlc to create the files by recording? whats going on here?

Troy168 (uploader)

@sameer I just convert the sub with VLC. As for the softsub/separate sub files, I'll upload them on the site later today.
hey do you understand japanese? it looks like you interpreted what you saw instead of translating.
Yeah, as sameer has already stated: The translation is not very good. It's pretty clear that you don't understand enough Japanese, and your English is pretty lacking too.

Troy168 (uploader)

Yeah, it is as I said in the earlier post, I only know some basic Japanese. So I'm mostly just going off with interpreting as well as knowing some basic Japanese knowledge. But as I also stated, if I can find a Japanese translator, I'll go back and fix up the episodes that I did before.
Then you really should find a proper translator before continuing the project. Also, take time to figure out fansubbing, and find people that can help you out with editing and other things that you need. As it stands right now this torrent is technically not allowed on the site since it's an upscale (SD -> 768p).